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Auto Commercial Insurance

Save Money No Matter What Vehicle You Drive

If you own a business that depends on a vehicle, or a whole fleet, a commercial policy could help you protect your business. Compared to policies for personal use cars, a commercial policy can help you save money. Consider a commercial policy if you need coverage for:

» A business structured as a partnership, corporation or sole proprietor with a fictitious name (DBA).

» Employees drive the vehicles of your company or business.

»Up to 20 vehicles: to be covered in a single policy.

» Higher coverage than you can get with a policy for cars with up to two million $ 2 million single combined limit.

» Distribution of merchandise or transport of people.

» Unlimited visits to workplaces.

» Vehicles or materials and equipment of any size and weight.

From reimbursement for rent and coverage for transient vehicles to roadside assistance, we can help you customize your policy to meet your business needs. In addition, with our wide acceptance of drivers, we help you get coverage for all your employees, including transient drivers.

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